Principal Profile

Sawmill Creek Elementary School Principal Profile

The 2010-11 School Council at Sawmill Creek Elementary School has compiled the following list of criteria that we feel is important when selecting a School Principal for our school.  As a school council we are committed to being supportive of our School’s Principal as he or she acts in this critical leadership role.


  • Provides a sense of direction for staff and students that is in concert with OCDSB and the Ontario Ministry of Education’s vision;
  • Demonstrates leadership by example; and
  • Motivates staff and students to work to their potential at all times.


  • Demonstrates collaboration, communication, consultation and cooperation with parents, students and staff on a daily basis through:
    • Placing importance on relationship building;
    • Being an active listener with students, staff and parents;
    • Showing respect to students, staff, and parents;
    • Involving staff in decision making and school council in decision making where appropriate;
    • Promoting a team approach among staff, school council and parents;
    • Is visible, accessible and approachable by students, staff and parents;
    • Promotes a sense of community within the school;
    • Supports the activities and ideas of the school council;
    • Encourages parental involvement at the school;
    • Treats all students and staff equitably and fairly;
    • Demonstrates flexibility and adaptability;
    • Supports non-school activities involving students; and
    • Recognizes, respects and supports our multicultural and multilingual school community;

School Life

  • Promotes excellence in the areas of character building, academics, athletics and the arts;
  • Promotes an enjoyable learning environment and learning experience for students;
  • Promotes extra-curricular activities including character building, athletics, arts and academic activities;
  • In promoting school spirit, includes students, staff and parents;
  • Promotes and encourages professional development for staff;
  • Promotes and encourages parental awareness of Ontario Ministry of Education, OCDSB and School resources to enable them to support student achievement;
  • Engages teachers with previous experience in other learning environments to share best practices to improve our school;
  • Recognizes and rewards student achievement in character building, academics, athletics and the arts without showing favouritism for one area over another; and
  • Advocates on behalf of students with exceptionalities to ensure that the educational resources that exist to support them are put in place for this purpose.


  • Places students as the top priority at all times;
  • Ensures that a safe environment exists for students;
  • Has strong knowledge of Ontario Ministry of Education and OCDSB policies and procedures and applies these with wisdom;
  • Continually looks to improve the school environment for the benefit of the entire school community;
  • Demonstrates strong problem solving abilities;
  • Manages the school budget efficiently and effectively to provide for student needs;
  • Shows innovation and can think outside traditional paradigms;
  • Embraces challenges such as integrating of full day kindergarten at our school starting in 2014 and adjustments to student enrolment due to changes in school boundaries and urban growth patterns; and
  • Seeks out and employs best practices in the profession of education so that our students graduate with a strong potential to succeed in secondary school.
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