Role of the Classroom Parent Representative

Possible Volunteer Needs:

  • In-Class Assistance (Reading; Photo-Copying; Assisting with Class Trips)
  • Healthy School Committee (including a Pediculosis Prevention team of 10 individuals2 times/year)
  • Website Coordinator (1-2 people to update 1-2 times per week)
  • PRO Grant Coordinator (1-2 people to administer paperwork throughout the year, coordinate with staff and community to arrange for project; various needs for volunteers depending on the chosen project)
  • OCASC representative (1 person to attend OCASC meeting once per month)
  • Social Activities (Fall Dance; Assisting School with Bar-B-Q; Education Week)
  • Fundraising Activities
    • Pizza Days (2 people every week at lunch time)
    • Re-Gift Bonanza (2 people to organize tasks for about 6 weeks; 2 people for gift collection for 2 days before event; 3 people to work on the event day)
    • BakeSale(1 person to organize 4 weeks before event; 3 people to set up and work the event on the day)
    • Popcorn Sales (2 people every week at lunch time)

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